SAT & ACT: My very own Test-Taking Passage & What I Learned

SAT & ACT: My very own Test-Taking Passage & What I Learned

As i took the very SAT three times, the REMAINE Subject Testing two times, as well as the ACT as soon as. I realize this is exactly definitely NOT ordinary, but hey, it’s the story and I’m sticking with it.

Right here are the details about my test-taking journey.

Very own quest to are the best!

I actually started get yourself ready for the KOMMET second . half-year junior year or so, which throughout hindsight, is a little bit over the late aspect according to Testive’s Junior Year Plan. Many my friends received mentioned these folks taking the January SAT, i freaked away since I had not even started prepping yet.

I needed the KOMMET for the first time inside March involving my frosh year. It had been terrifying. An individual girl acquired kicked out there because the lady didn’t put her notepad down should the proctor explained to us in order to. But Managed to get through it. And on the day scores were launched, I awoke at some a. n. to check this scores and although they had been good, these weren’t great. I thought I should have do better.

My partner and i spent the following few months preparing and needed the KOMMET again within May. You will find, I got similar score. My favorite super score— the get you get when ever combining the best scores via each test— increased by just 40 points, but it was still being the same general score. I just wasn’t cheerful!

By the time senior year completed and summertime came around, I decided to begin studying in the September BEHAVE. Makes sense, right? Not likely! After doing the job at Testive for the last month or two, I realize it’s far best to have a practice analyze of equally the SAT as well as ACT, find which one comes across as being the most comfortable, and then target improving your ranking on which will test. That I de (suite…)

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